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(N)BatStar Oh Yeah, OSH g 24

 Thank you Hanne and Stian for this little "Bölle-pus" !


(N)Coco Chanel's Spotlight, OSH b 24

Thank you Caroline for trusting me with this sweetheart! She is like sunshine!


HU*Shagio-chen Blinky Bill, OSH e 03

Thank you Éva for this lovely gentleman! He is so sweet and I love him!


Siamesis Mon Amour, OSH b 25 03
A thousand thanks to Bianca for trusting me with this little princess!


Apocalyptica Yves, OSH b 24
He is everything I could ever whish for! Thank you soooo much Ruediger!!


HU*Bambuszligeti Narcisz, OSH j

Thank you to much, Heni and Dani, for this little fairy! She is the sweetest darling!


Vangkenichi-Mei East Asterisk*RU, OSH n 24
Our russian prins!!! Thank you so much for him, he is a big, lovley teddybear :))


(N)BatStar Impala, SIA c 21
Thank you so much Hanne for him!! I´m so happy and proud to once again be a owner of a BatStar-cat!!





S*Mockfjärdingens Itzybitzy Izzie, OSH h

Moved to Finland.


S*Mockfjärdingens Jalapeño Jane, OSH e

Moved to Norway


S*Mockfjärdingens Kublai Khan, OSH n 24

Moved to Norway


S*Mockfjärdingens Long Lean Lizard, OSH b

Moved to Norway


S*Mockfjärdingens Mad by Midnight, OSH n

Moved to France


S*Mockfjärdingens Minx Maiden, OSH f 24

Moved to Norway


S*Mockfjärdingens Nyx Nemesis, OSH b 25
Moved to Latvia


S*Mockfjärdingens Octopussy, OSH h 24

Moved to Germany