Yves own site...!


Yves is a very cuddly and friendly boy, but want to chose very carefully who he is friend with..

He is very gentle with the girls and talk a lot with his soft voice.

His favourite toy is a pink rabbit with cat-nip, his favourite food is chicken and his favourite thing to do is .. eh...hm... I can´t write that here :)


He is tested negative for FIV/Felv and PRA.








Apocalyptica Yves


















Health declaration (2011-12-20):

  • PRA: Negative
  • Fiv/Felv: Negative x 1
  • Chlamydia/Herpes/Mycoplasma: Negaive x 1
  • TF & Giardia: Negative

Litters: (2011-12-23)

First: 11 kittens, 3 survived (SW'10 S*Mockfjärdingens Juicy Josephine JW)

Second: 6 kittens, all survived (S*Mockfjärdingens Jamaican Jazzie)

Third: 8 kittens, two stillborn, one dead in Ileus (Siamesis Mon Amour)

Fourth: 9 kittens, To be evaluated.... Still small.. ( S*NovaStar Mercedes)